Transcreation and Copywriting expertise from a language specialist

Communicating the right message is a core aim of all business correspondence and marketing communications. Our copywriters work closely with our linguists and work with language to shape and perfect that message and present to your intended audience. At Shamrock Translations, we have substantial experience in providing copywriting expertise to clients of all sizes.

We will ensure your marketing message and words are on target and are perfectly suited to your target audience. No matter what the language, we’ll help you engage and connect with your customers and prospective customers.

Ad campaigns

We understand advertising campaigns can be costly and we want you to get the best from your marketing budget. We’ll work with you to take existing campaigns and translate them in to the local language of the market you are targeting. Our translators are all subject matter experts with expertise in marketing and advertising and by working with our copywriters, can take your campaign and translate with accuracy and confidence. From TV and radio campaigns to tackling billboard and direct marketing, we will use experienced linguists and copywriters to ensure your message gets through.

Web content

We’ll work closely with you and ensure your website is a strategic marketing tool that communicates an accurate message and can make a real impression on your customers. We understand that localising your website is more than just translating your site word-for-word. With your help, we’ll understand your target audience and how that audience changes or differs across the world and what cultural patterns impact this. It is vital that your audience feels comfortable and connected on your website and our experienced translators and copywriters will word hard to help you make that connection online.

Printed material

While web content has taken on huge significance, much of the marketing world still focuses on printed brochures and traditional marketing collateral. By working closely with your team, we’ll take existing brochures and translate them into whatever language you require. At Shamrock Translations, we have experience working in tight spaces and this is a major consideration when recreating brochures or printed material in other languages. From direct mail to product brochures, our experienced translators and copywriters will ensure your marketing information and message is communicated with precision.

Social media

Crafting the right message right across social media channels is a crucial consideration for companies from every sector. Our copywriters are subject matter experts and all have substantial expertise working in key industry sectors. By taking already translated material, they mould and convert it from translated content in to cutting edge copy that makes a connection with your audience. We have a complete understanding of the role played by individual social media platforms. LinkedIn is preferred by the business community while Facebook works well for consumers. Twitter is limited to strict character or word limits so it requires an experienced writer to create and craft marketing messages. No matter what your Social Media needs, Shamrock Translations can supply the copywriter to get you the results you want.

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