Providing quality translations since 2004

Clients – from the HSE and An Garda Síochána to Abbott Pharmaceuticals and major brand, we have worked with some of the largest organisations and best-known brands in Ireland, providing first-class solutions. And we can do the same for you.

Range of languages – with access to over 1000 linguists from all over the world, we can provide translation and interpreting solutions in more than 80 languages.

Subject Matter Experts – we engage only subject-matter-specialists to work on translation and interpreting assignments. It is only with a fully developed knowledge of any given topic, that quality translation can be achieved.

Premium project management – translation is about more than simply working with the words. We offer proven expertise in managing large assignments, ensuring all details and processes are looked after with absolute professionalism.

Our process

Perfectly executed project management is the key to a successful translation or interpreting project. At Shamrock Translations, we have designed and developed a flexible, comprehensive four-step process designed to offer you the right combination of professional multi-lingual expertise and experienced project management.

  • Plan

    Also known as the planning phase, one of our experienced Project Managers (PM) is assigned to the translation and determines the cost and turnaround.

  • Assign

    The work begins with Source Files Preparation and the assignment of the projects to a qualified, specialised professional who completes the first draft of the translation.

  • Translate

    The work is then brought to second draft level, is edited and exported. Throughout the project, the PM coordinates questions and comments between client and the translation team.

  • Deliver

    The project now nears completion and the roile of DTP, proofreading and QA all contributes to delivering a successful project.

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