Localization Experience and Knowledge

You can rely on Shamrock Translations to manage your software translation and localization projects. In localization, our linguists go one step beyond a simple translation. We understand that we must take in to account a variety of factors including style, colour and imagery.

It is imperative that one seamless user-experience is delivered to all end users right across the globe – no matter what language they use your software, application or website in. We have the tools and expertise to ensure your project is carried out to only the highest standards in localization.

Genuine expertise and insight

With over ten years’ experience in localization, we have the people and the processes to deliver outstanding projects. Our MD, Saad Thanoon has a technical background and a precise understanding of the software development process. Over the years, we have successfully completed key projects for software solutions in a range of sectors including financial services, HR, e-learning and many more. We cover more than 100 languages and our experienced network includes linguists, technologists, UX specialists, each one having specific subject-matter-expertise across many areas.

Importance of planning

Any successful project is only as effective as the planning involved in the early stages. By sitting down with you and carefully assessing your project goals, we will establish clear aims, deadlines and metrics to meet. Our initial focus will be on internationalisation and ensure we gain a complete understanding of how it applies to your platform. With your team, we will also assess a wide range of issues from international or country–specific regulations to roll-out strategy. Careful planning not only gives us a solid framework to complete your project but it also gives you the assurance that you project is being delivered using a tried-and-tested methodology.

What content is localised?

Localising software or indeed websites is about more than translating the user interface or what the user sees straight away. Initially, we focus on building or updating terminology assets like translation memory, glossary, termbase. Specific localization elements can include translation, adaptation and compilation of online help files for example. Our service also includes localising key technical materials such as user guides, quick start guides, instruction and training manuals.

Testing and review

Designing a robust testing process is an integral element of any localization project. Our comprehensive testing suite can include specific aspects like UX testing, approach to linguistics, technical cross-platform testing and more. If you prefer to carry out this testing on-site at your location or would rather we provide the facilities, both options are available. Our goal is to ensure there is a vigorous testing phase included in our overall project plan – allowing all parties to iron out any creases before and make all necessary tweaks before going to market.

Our promise

Our professional localization service will ensure that your time to market is reduced and you will remain in full control of all localization costs. When you localise software products or other platforms for multiple markets, a very specific set of skills in required. It is about more than translation and we will work with you every step of the process to ensure your project goals are met and the specific user experience is achieved – no matter what the language.

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