Accurate, precise translation services for Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industry

The pharmaceutical and life sciences industry has grown considerably in Ireland in recent years. And if you require translation and interpreting services for this sector, you can be assured of a reliable and accurate solution from our team of seasoned subject matter specialists at Shamrock Translations.

We understand the stringent regulatory and legal frameworks that you work within and we work hard to guarantee you and your team accurate solutions. And with large volumes of information in a variety of formats requiring translation, you need a trusted, reliable partner.

Experience and knowledge

When working with technical and scientific information, subject-matter-experts are a necessity. At Shamrock Translations, we engage only proven subject matter experts who have extensive expertise in working and translating pharmaceutical and life sciences content in their chosen languages. To date, we have worked with leading pharmaceutical companies where we provide key translation services on projects from user manuals and tech spec sheets to press releases and product brochures – as well as offering bespoke interpreting services. Allied to our proven expertise, we also deliver first-class solutions on-time and within budget with privacy and confidentiality assured.

Document Translation

Key areas require different skills and focus areas. Labelling and packaging translations require precise and concise translations often within tight spaces. Manufacturing documents include data sheets, batch manufacturing records require a solid partnership with a proven specialist to handle large volumes of translated materials. Other key areas include a focus on legal documentation like clinical trial contracts, insurance policies and more. No matter what type of pharmaceutical and life sciences document you require translated, working with Shamrock Translations will give you the expertise and experience you need.

Bespoke Interpreting

Multinational pharmaceutical and life sciences companies have offices all over the world and internal clear and precise communication has never been more important. From conference calls to technical site visits, we have the people and the project management experience to meet your interpreting needs. On a recent project, we demonstrated this experience by sourcing an experienced interpreter from outside Ireland who was also a pharmaceutical subject matter expert for a relatively less well-known language on the Asian sub-continent. It is this attention-to-detail and commitment to meet project goals that sets us apart from the competition.

Expertise in Pharmaceutical Patent Translations

We understand that one of the most important issues in this sector is the strength and clarity of product patents. By combining legal translation expertise with technical and industry knowledge, we can locate key personnel to ensure your translation goals are met in this very complex area. As the legal implications are so great, accuracy, precision and clarity are more important than ever for this service in your sector. And with this in mind, we engage only the highest quality linguists, with extensive subject matter expertise, ensuring you are in safe hands with Shamrock Translations.

Back Translation for additional accuracy

We are committed to getting you the best translation results possible and for many clients in this sector, we have completed back translation assignments. Back translation is simply the procedure where a translator or team of professional translators interpret a document previously translated into another language back to the original language. We make sure that we go through this process using linguists who had not been previously involved in the project and who do not know the project objectives or context. It may take a little more time but it is an excellent way of avoiding errors and potentially costly mistakes on key projects. At Shamrock Translations, we focus on giving you the highest quality of accuracy and quality and our capacity to offer this service underlines our commitment to best-practice techniques and technologies.

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