Experienced legal translation and interpreting services

If you need a legal translation specialist to translate documents or provide interpreting services, look no further than Shamrock Translations. We focus on providing you with accurate, reliable and secure solutions.

Our experienced panel of translators have particular expertise in law and legal matters and understand the importance of accuracy. Your project will also be managed to the highest standards and we work hard to deal with and resolve any cultural conflicts of interest, while always engaging only highly-qualified, specialist linguists.

Proven legal expertise

In over 100 languages and with more than 10 years’ experience, you can be assured of a premium-standard legal translation and interpreting service with Shamrock. We have provided high quality services to many of Ireland’s largest law firms and work closely on legal projects with some of Ireland’s best-known organisations. From working with the HSE and Túsla to dealing with regional solicitors practices, we handle all cases with the sensitivity and care required.

Legal translation

Even one tiny mistake in the legal translation process can make an enormous difference in a person’s life. We take extreme care and work with only experienced translators to provide you with premium-level translation solutions. Shamrock Translations can offer individuals certified translation services for items like birth certificates, passports and more. For the business community, our certified patent translations are regularly submitted to patent offices, government agencies and courtrooms all over Ireland and beyond. We carefully select our patent translators on their fluency and expertise in the technical field relating to the matter in question. From insurance policies and certificates to employment contracts, trademark documents and more, you are always assured of excellent service and complete confidentiality with us.


At Shamrock Translations, we’ll ensure your law firm, organisation or client has the ability to communities in any language as they need to. A multi-cultural Ireland has seen an increase in demand for legal interpreting services and we continue to ensure only the most experienced professionals, who are also subject matter experts, are on hand to give you the service you need. From interpreting assignments in remote parts of the world to specialist court interpreting in Ireland’s high courts, we have delivered exceptional solutions across a range of areas. From legal consultations and pre-court consultations to prison visits and court hearings, we will make sure your communication needs are met with clarity and precision.

Court Interpreting

Every person in an Irish court has the right to be represented in their own language. We provide experienced court interpreters who can ensure all stakeholders have a clear understanding of all content heard at a court case. This requires a unique skill-set and only the most qualified and experienced interpreters can ensure that whatever is said is exactly translated as required. With Shamrock Translations, you can be certain our interpreters will provide a professional service and you and your client will be kept fully informed throughout all court proceedings.

Precise interpreter selection process

Dealing with legal matters across cultures and international boundaries can bring up several complications. At Shamrock Translations, we have several years’ expertise in managing complex interpreting assignments, often for small language communities. We rigorously assess our pool of interpreters to identify the best fit for any project and ensure any conflict of interest is eliminated. Our focus is always on getting the right result for you and our service guarantees you of the highest levels of client confidentiality and privacy.

Financial Expertise

For over ten years, we have provided specialist translation services to the Financial Services sector across Ireland. With a focus on meeting specific client and project needs, we have the capacity, people and experience to translate, revise and proofread all types of finance-related documents. We understand the business and finance world has its own language, jargon, acronyms and more. With this in mind, we only engage subject matter experts who are well versed in the mechanics of international business

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